Si3N4 Beads

High quality Si3N4 beads for grinding, axletree, chemical industries, etc

Product:Silicon nitride (Si3N4) beads / balls
Material:Si3N4 (> 99.99%)
Mass density:3.20 g/cm3
Diameters:0.4 - 14 mm
Grade: G5 - G500
Flexural Strength:689 MPa 
Elastic Modulus:310 GPa
Poisson's Ratio:0.24
Hardness:1450 Kg/mm2
Fracture toughness KIC: 5.7 MPa m1/2
Maximum Service Temperature:1000 oC
Thermal Coefficient:29 W/(m.k) 
Applications:Grinding, Ball milling, etc

Si3N4 beads have low mass density, high hardness,etching resistant, abrasion resistant, oxidation resistant, self-lubricating, electrically insulating, etc, making them superior candidates for applications in axletree and chemical industries. 


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