Al2O3 Beads

mainly for general grinding purpose, economic choice as compared with ZrO2 beads

Product:Alumina / aluminium oxide (Al2O3) grinding beads / balls
Material:Al2O3 (99.5%)
Density:3.89 g/cm3
Diameters:0.4 - 14 mm
Grade:G5 - G500
Flexural Strength:379 MPa
Elastic Modulus:375 GPa
Shear Modulus:152 GPa
Bulk Modulus:228 GPa
Polsson's Ratio:0.22
Compressive Strength:2600 MPa
Hardness:1400 kg/mm2
Fracture Toughness KIC:4 MPa.m1/2
Maximum Temperature:1750 oC
Thermal Coefficient:35 W/(m.k)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:8.4 x 10-6/oC
Specific Heat:880 J/kg.oC
Dielectric Strength:16.9 ac-kv/mm
Dielectric Constant:9.8 f/m
Electrical Resistivity:>1014 ohm.m
Applications:Ball milling
Comments:Quenching resistant, excellent insulating behaviour, long-lasting.